Audacious, Another Asymmetric Fin Design


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Aug 27, 2011
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Went with the full 18 inch body tube on this one.
Something you won't usually find on my rockets, DECALS! Actually took the time to try to pretty it up a bit.
Ruined two decals on my attempts, I was impatient, and didn't use any dish soap in the water.
Audacious1.jpg Audacious2.jpg Audacious3.jpg Audacious4.jpg AudaciousHittheGRASS!.jpg EngineMountDehis.jpg EngineMountDehis2.jpg

I have been using thin bands of masking tape for centering rings. I think I need to put some CA on these to seal them. In this case, the heat of the engine casing weakened the masking tape adhesive and the mount pulled out when I tried to pull the engine. Easily fixed.
Video of boost is descent, again stable rocket with a moderate corkscrew. Messed up the narration, no way was that an A8-3, that was C6-3. Overall I liked the flight.