Auctions: NCR 1987 Catalog, Vintage Parts, Cineroc

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Roger Smith
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Jan 18, 2009
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We've added a 1987 North Coast Rocketry (NCR) catalog to our current auction items. Plus we're auction some stuff you really need like a 20+ year-old Estes motor mount kit and some ancient streamers that I think were once red. Oh, and a Cineroc movie camera, still in the box.


This is the catalog that's famous for including a lot of what you see in the cover photo ... big ... rockets.

-- Roger
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Man, girls had some crazy looking hair back then in 87'

Lots of Aquanet :roll:

I still own a copy of this NCR catalog. That was the time when F was considered high-power ;)
That's Chris Pearson on the right. Great guy, he flies out of the Cleveland area, he's part of the GLRMR launch coming up May 1'st.
And I guess it´s Matt Steele on the left?

But who is the nice lady on the other cover? :)