Auction of OOP kits, Interceptors, NASA Space Shuttle, Orbital Transport, SR-71, Vindicator, etc.

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Jan 18, 2009
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For those who have not seen this elsewhere. Auctions end Thursday night, shortly after 9 PM EST.

More model rocket kit auctions! All are OOP, many hard to find to very rare.
Auctions End Thursday night, Nov 7th.

Estes Space Shuttle with ET & SRB’s (1/162 scale)

Estes NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter (1980-1981) #1337 -

Estes Interceptor CLASSIC kit (1970’s) K-50/1250 -

Estes Interceptor E #1350 Scale-up of the original -

Estes Astron Orbital Transport CLASSIC (1970’s) #1242 (K-42) -

Estes Scissor Wing Transport glider #1265 -

Estes Little Joe-II, 1/100 scale #0892 -

Estes SR-71 #1942 -

Estes Sweet Vee R/C Rocket Glider 55” span -

Estes Vindicator #1367 -

Roto-Rocket “Star Scan” Photon Scanner Sailwing Glider -

Centuri “Rocket Rack” display stand from the 1970’s -