Auction: Lots of Crafts (LOC) Cruiser Kit (1986)

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Roger Smith
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Jan 18, 2009
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How many of you knew that LOC was originally "Lots of Crafts?"


We've listed a "Lots of Crafts" Cruiser kit from around 1986 on eBay.


This "Cruiser" kit is a two-engine mid-power bird, not the high-power rocket they now offer under the same name. The kit is sealed in the original factory packaging and all the parts appear to be included and in good shape.

All of our current auction items are listed at:

-- Roger
The only thing I didn't know about those two questions was how to spell Ypsilanti. I loved their Phoenx Kit :p
I'm suprised that no one has bid on the kit yet. The starting price is about what you'd pay for a new "non-collectible" mid-power kit of this type.

'Course, I'm not aware of anyone that collects mid-power kits.

-- Roger
Umm... I did. And I remember the founder, Ron Shultz. Great guy. And I knew what THOY stood for. If I'm not mistaken, Tiffany was the owner's daughter. Does that make me an old f&rt? :roll: