Attemp at a scale Hawk

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Here it is! Another try at scale rocket. This one is the hawk. It has a 18mm motor mount in it. I not sure if it is just right yet but I think it is close.
Hope you don't mind a small friendly criticism.

The real Hawk, according to Peter Always book "Scale Bash", has a 4:1 ogive nose cone.

Maybe it's the angle of the picture but, yours looks a bit short.

Sorry...I just have all these scale books...

No problem Sandman. I know there is something wrong with it. that might be it. I used a BT50 body tube and the nose cone is 2.5" laong. Is that a ggod book for scale and is there any other good books for scale rocketry.
Peter Always "Scale Bash has plans and patterns for a BT-5, BT-20, BT-50 and a BT-55 version.

I would recomend the book.

The cover says, Plans and Patterns for 78 Models of 29 Different Real Rockets".