Attaching tubular nylon shock cords

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Jan 18, 2009
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Just wondering if there is a preferred way of attaching the shock cords. On my L1 bird, I just used two overhand knots, and did the same with my son's Tiny Pterodactyl. I'm now in the process of finishing the build on a PML Endeavor, and am wondering again. On quite a few flights, the nylon has returned with only a single overhand knot. I guess I should also mention, that I attach the cords to quick links also.

Is there a particular type of knot, or way to sew a loop into each end?
I do this on all my rockets, works well, I think I may try sewing loops into one but that will be in 1" TN.

Your method is fine
I found the answer on Public Missiles' web site when I had this same question.

Click here to read their recomendations (PDF file). For other recovery infomation, go to the main page, click on "Webstore" and then "Recovery".

Public Missiles has quite a bit of info on their site I found useful. Click here to go to the main page. Click on the "PML F.A.Q." button for lots of good stuff.

Two overhand knots spaced out by roughly 5" with zip ties before and after each knot

I use the know that's in PML's instructions. It's like a fishing knot with only three wraps. Never had one even hint at loosening up.