Attaching Shrouds To 'Chutes

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Jun 30, 2010
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Im just finishing off my level 1 rocket (AMRAAM) and im struggling to decide which way to attach the shrouds to the 'chute . Any suggestions ? Pic's of ways to attach them would be excellent! Ohh please note that I am 14 and not very good at sewing ;)
I've conquered the problem and I used this very simple method :

Get some spare fabric ( Same color as the 'chute ) , cut 4 strips out of the material ( 4 strips = 4 shrouds ) .

Fold the strips into a loop and sew to each corner of the 'chute .

Make sure each strip is firmly in place , as you don't want these coming off whilst in use !!!

Tie the shrouds through the loops , and off you go :D

The 'chute I've just done is a 3.5ft Union - Jack 'chute :p To go with the AMRAAM :) Ill post some pic's asap.
In the UK we have had members certing at 10 years old ;) Unlike NAR or Tripolli where you have to be 18 :D
HEY, you can't answer your own question;)
Good luck on your cert attempt.