Attach Camera to Rocket?

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Do you want it looking straight out or down along the side. You could mount it in the av-bay to look out and add a removable shroud with 45 deg. mirror to look down the side on the flights you want that.
Brian Schwartz AKA Ravenx has just released a very nice camera holder/shroud, specifically designed for AV bays, although at this time it is only available in a 3" and 4" configuration. However I understand that he has plans to expand the offerings for bigger diameter rockets. You might want to shoot him a message and find out if he plans on a 6" version and what his timing is like.
Thanks for the shout out Michael. I do plan to increase my offerings to other sizes in the next few months, 2.6" and 5.5" have been popular requests, as have 6" and 8". I will keep everyone posted as this develops.