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Jul 21, 2004
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Does anybody know this one? Any opinions?

Sounds really good what they wrote on their website...

Four independently programmable pyro outputs: Each pyro output can be individually programmed for any of six different flight events, with a backup timer on each output. Each pyro output can be triggered on:
Apogee (with 0-199 second delay and backup timer)
Low Altitude (with 0-199 backup timer)
Stage 1 burnout (with 0-199 second delay and backup timer)
Stage 2 burnout (with 0-199 second delay and backup timer)
Stage 3 burnout (with 0-199 second delay and backup timer)
Timer (0-199 seconds after launch detection)

I saw a few flights using these this year as well as the Dauphin last year. They were all good flights without problems. In both cases the units were used with GPS telemetry and the rockets were retrieved quickly. I've met these guys a couple times. They are very passionate about offering the best product.
This will be my next altimeter purchase.

$275 isn't too bad. If I find some decent source of income this looks like a nice little unit to fly.
Yes - I have a couple.
Love them - best, most flexible unit out there.
The four outputs are so nice to have....allows for a main and backup charge for both the drogue and the main chutes.

Excellent customer support too!

Only wish it had the data analyzer that the ARTS has.

Highly recommended!