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May 25, 2002
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7. May a model rocket permittee allow friends to assist in setting up a model rocket containing Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP) or other explosive?

Yes. As long as the persons providing assistance are not otherwise prohibited from possessing explosives, they may assist the permittee and do not need to be reported as employee possessors. However, their assistance is only lawful under
similar circumstances as those described in 4b.

4. ABC Fireworks Company holds an ATF permit, and hires temporary employees to assist in setting up a show.

b. Does ABC need to report volunteers (e.g. Jaycees, Rotarians, municipal Firefighters) used to assist in setting up the show?

No. The volunteers are not ABC employees. ABC is not required to report such persons on the EPQs. The volunteers are subject to the prohibited persons categories, however. ABC cannot use volunteers who ABC knows are prohibited persons. Furthermore, the volunteers' possession of the fireworks is lawful only under the following circumstances:

i. ABC must have lawfully received the fireworks pursuant to a valid Federal permit or license, the exception in section 845(a)(3), or other appropriate exception;

ii. An authorized ABC employee receives and possesses the fireworks used in the show in the scope of his employment and on behalf of ABC;

iii. The volunteer's possession is under the direction or control of the authorized ABC employee; and,

iv. ABC has no knowledge that the volunteer is a prohibited person.

From the ATF Scenario Q&A :

Just thought some people might find this interesting

shockie B)
Interesting use of words there...

"...model rocket containing Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP) or other explosive?"

these people will *never* learn, or just don't care.
There should be a stipulation in there stating that "based on research studies, all helpers must carry at least 3-4 fire extinguishers when attempting to operate AP motors when near a vehicle." :D