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Jun 27, 2004
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What is everyone's opinion on the AT Sumo. I noticed it in a hobby store near by and it looked pretty nice. I am trying to find out if I should buy it.
It's a typical AT kit, with one minor modification. Instead of the mesh baffle, it incorporates a cardboard piston. Nice flyer on a G-80. I believe AT designed this for L1 certification as it really does nice on a middle H.

Although take my word for it, it will not fly far on an F21. (long story posted elsewhere with pix).

Nice beefy kit though.

I scrapped the piston and went to Kevlar as the piston simply would not fit -> no matter how much I sanded it.

I'll second that - ditch the piston system. it's kinda wobbly flying on G35s so use something larger if you can. H97s work great, or G64 if you are not L1. in single use: G80s if you can find them, etc. even G40s would be better than G35s.
I have searched and racked my brains out on how to find it, but I cant find where to purchase, see details on the kit. Could someone give me a linkto the website
Well, I can't think of anyplace with any specs other than However, Great Lakes sells the Sumo for a pretty reasonable price (as far as AT kits go).
I could pick it up and ship it to you if you like. Some of the money goes to the local rocket club so I would be glad to get it for you.