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Feb 19, 2009
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Finally just finished this AT Mirage that has been sitting on the shelf for ~3 years. I got it for less than $50 at a swap meet and it wasn't really on my priority list, but since it was in a relatively small box, it didn't go up into the attic storage and it kinda just sat there staring at me every time I walked through my workshop. So, I decided to put it together for Midwest Power 7.

I extended the engine mount considerably with intentions of using with my 29mm Sky Ripper and Ratt hardware. At Midwest Power though on its maiden voyage it will be flown on an I200.

It is built with dual deploy and has a nice little compartment on the side of the inside of the nosecone for my Big Bee transmitter. This will also be the first flight on my ARTS2 altimeter.

Color scheme was picked by my wife. Mocha Brown (a bit of Maroon in it I guess) and Copper with White accents. I used Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra 2X for the White and Brown (this is the first time I used that type of paint, but after getting used to the heavy flow, it worked out well). I used Krylon Metallic for the Copper.

AT Mirage Hybrid.jpg

Mirage Hybrid.jpg
Looks good. I am looking to get rid of a RATT Works I80 motor and reloads, maybe you're interested? It'd be a great match for this rocket...
Huh... First flight. Spectacular up on an I200W and unfortunately just as spectacular down. Came in ballistic. Picture shown at recovery site with five-plus feet of the rocket underground.

Cool project. I to used an Aerotech Mirage for hybrid flight. Ryan Sebastian and I flew our project at NSL in 2003 with a Ratts works H70. It had one more successful hybrid flight at a CMASS launch later on in the year. Our Mirage's picture ended up in the local paper with a pic of ryan, robert Galjes (spelling) and me setting it up the bird. I used a home made timer for deployment. Was a cool project and still have the mirage. I am thinking about fixing it up for some more flights :)