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AT J401 for sale

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Jan 17, 2009
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SW Michigan
Here's the deal...loaded up a J401 in a 54/1280 last April and have decided I'd rather sell than fly it. It retails for about $90 but am willing to negotiate. I cannot ship this however I will be at a few events I can bring it to. I will be at both remaining Michiana Rocketry launches for the season and also plan on being at the NASA SLI launch at the beginning of April. Buyer must be L2.

Yes, it is loaded in a case already. I don't recall if I greased the delay or not but in either case you will need to buy a new Delay or use electronics. Please PM for arrangements. Thanks!
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Bummer, I like the J401 in my 5.5" Jayhawk. If anyone is connecting with one of those launches and Dave, let us know and perhaps we can work something out.
LOL...didn't exactly sell it. I ended up putting it in a rocket and flying it today.

I regret nothing.