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AT First Fire Jr. Cardboard Tubes

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May 20, 2014
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The title says it all. I'm looking for the brown cardboard tubes that Aerotech puts the First Fire Jr. igniters in for hobbyline motors. You know, those tubes everyone throws away. I'm using my last two tonight. I could use a few dozen.

If this post is still up as wanted, then I'm still wanting.
Are you using them to protect homebrew igniters? I use drinking straws.
No. They're for sliding over #8 all thread rod. They are the best fit I have found for this use.
No. They're for sliding over #8 all thread rod. They are the best fit I have found for this use.

These are not from AT, but I think they will work for you. If you are interested in them, PM me your mailing address and I'll set you up. :)

20170525_201639_resized.jpg 20170525_201645_resized.jpg
Would a dozen or so be of use to you? I can probably drop them right in a letter envelope. Pm me your address if ya want them and they'll be on their way!

I use them as a stent to protect interior tracker antennas. I did an early Wildman JR and stacked the ebay. Beeline GPS goes on top and
the Raven II rides behind it. I didn't think I could get the BLGPS in the NC. Very small form fitting hole so the antenna projects off to the side
in the main chute bay through the forward bulkhead. The igniter tube is wrapped in duct tape for flame protection and it prevents the antenna from getting squished by the acceleration of the chute pack. Works well for the 10 flights I've flown it, some 6k' and totally sight unseen. I stripped the metallic paint off the
upper tube and painted it plain yellow. No range issues there. Kurt