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Jan 1, 2013
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On the final assembly step where Im putting the motor tube into the body tube, Im supposed to make a mark where I will be gluing the centering ring. There is no measurement, instructions just say to insert tube and mark it but I dont know where. What did everyone else do?
insert tube into the body until it goes no further, then hold your marking device against the rear edge of the body tube, mark the motor tube. idea is the aft centering ring's aft surface is even with the aft end of the body tube when the motor tube is fully inserted into said tube.
I have one but haven't built it yet. The instructions show you inserting the motor tube and dry fitting the aft centering ring until it's flush with the end of the airframe. That's where I'm putting it anyway. Steps 10 and 11 show the attachment of the elevator hold-down piece up against that aft ring which makes sense to me. Hope that helps.
Ahhhh, just realized what I did wrong. I was reading ahead waiting for parts to dry. Didnt see the part where it said to glue the nosecone in before. Thats what makes the motor tube stop. Thanks for the help.