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May 10, 2011
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How does this stinkin thing WORK!? I have flown it a lot, and developed the film, but nothing came out! Does it need batteries or something absurd like that?:eek: I got this thing a year or two ago, and I wasnt smart enough to consider batteries...:eek: Does it need em, and if so, where do I put em?:confused:

Thanks! -Neil
well, iirc, you place the film in the camera, sounds like you got that down... then you take and seal the edges of the little snap on cover that goes over the film... then i think there was a switch to arm the thing, you pull the litte string taut and place the cone on the tube, so the string gets trapped 'tween the tube and cone shoulder...

its been awhile since ive flew my astrocam, so i could be wrong... oh, and advance the film after each flight, and before each flight, yeah, it wastes a little film, but it makes sure you dont mess up a pic you took before...


Scott McNeely
Did you get any good pics?:confused: I did the same thing... No luck...:mad:

Did you remember to open the shutter???

It has the equivilant of a lens cap. You're supposed to flip it to open just before launch.

Yea, i forgot on mine at least once!

Yes! I did!:confused: :mad: :kill:

I dont know what went wrong.... I actually did get one vague photo of something blurry. That was the one photo that they gave me. They said that "the rest didnt come out". I wonder if they knew what they were from...:rolleyes: :mad: :kill: They better not have thought they were duds and thrown them out....:kill:

which Astrocam are you flying ? Is it the 'kit' version where you have to assemble the camera yourself or was it the 'ready to fly' out of the box version ? If it is the later, then the camera 'should' be assembled correctly (note the emphasis on 'should').

Try the following steps :

1. Take a look inside the shroud and make sure there is no debris obscuring the mirror.

2. Make sure that you use only the appropriate motors with this baby. C6-7's are recommended as they allow the rocket to tip nose down before ejection (and firing the camera shutter). If you use a shorter delay then all you may get is blue sky which might look like a failed shot to your film processing lab.

(Note : you CAN use C6-5's if you want a 'horizon' shot but this doesn't always work)

3. Make sure that you use 400 ISO rated 110 film - anything slower (if you can get it) and your photos will be way under exposed.

4. Same thing goes for the time of day when you fly the Astrocam. Anything after 11:00 AM and before 1:00 PM local time when the sun is at its highest in the sky should be OK. Along the same line of reasoning, only fly on bright cloudless days for the best results.

Take a look at the following links for some Astrocam photo
examples from my (admittedly dated) home page or see the attached image.


(Evil) Bob:confused:
Neil, seeing as you only got one shot...did you wind the film on?
Yes, I did wind the film after every flight. And yes, I did use C6-7s on most of the flihgts. Go figure. I dont know what speed the film was... Im gonna get some more and try it again soon.:rolleyes:

If you can get pics like that.... I want to at least give it another shot!!! ;) :rolleyes:

Before you put more film in your AstroCam, let me take a look at your camera. There simply may be something wrong with the camera itself.
Which version of the Astrocam are you flying?
Supposively the camera was improved to use ISO 200 film, since 400 ISO 110 film is so hard to find nowadays.

The most important thing is you can't open the switch until after you have secured the nosecone and thread. If you play with the thread with the switch open, you will expose the film.
So, wait until the rocket is on the pad and ready, then flip the switch open. This rocket works fine, but I often forget the switch, so I get about 1/2 as many pics as I have launches.
Also, as soon as you recover the rocket, flip the switch back closed, then advance the film.
Keep trying.

That would proabably be the problem:rolleyes:

I got the RTF version. There shouldent be anything wrong with it... I dont have any more film, and I dont have any C6-7s, so I cant fly it anytime soon.... Ill bring it with me on the 17th.:)
Way to go Neil - hope that your next flights repay you with lots of photos!

Make sure if you succeed that you post the photos where we can all enjoy them. I hope that you can find some 400 ISO 110 film in the US. It is still available here in Australia but is getting scarce. Fortunately I have a large freezer with about 20 cartridges in the bottom...


(Evil) Bob
They had better....:kill: :rolleyes: ;) :p

Ill try and find some good film. That was proabably the problem last time. I will also need to get some motors:rolleyes: :kill: . And I am entirely broke.:kill: :eek: Or at least will be soon.....