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Feb 6, 2009
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I have flown the new Astrocam three times and have not yet gotten usable video.

The most recent flight resulted in good audio (I think) but the video was just one partial frame and then it froze.

Getting the files out hasn't been trouble free either.

As a test I copied a file from my hard drive to the micro-SD card (mounted in a reader). A check showed it had a different MD5SUM from the original.

After deleting, I was greeted with a multitude of files with wonky names. A cleanup with fsck returned the file system to normal, more or less.

After some additional fiddling around, the wonky file names returned but this time fsck threw up its hands. So I used mkfs to build a new file system. (With the "-c" option to check for bad blocks.) The Astrocam put a TIME.TXT file on it but refused to record video. It looked like it was working but kept blinking after the button was pressed to make it stop. It might be because I chose the wrong flavor of file system. The partition is tagged as FAT so I tried that and VFAT.

But with the new file system, copying files onto the card produces matching MD5SUM results.

Estes customer service has said to return the camera to them. Sigh.

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