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Jan 18, 2009
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Last night I built the Astron Birdie Clone K-44 in about an hour. An easy build. I did make one minor addition to the kit. I cut a 13mm centering ring to be glued to the top of the Engine Block Disc. This aided in the centering of the 13mm Motor Mount Tube in the Shuttlecock. See Attachment.... And rather than watch epoxy dry I opted to use a thick AC super glue.

Today I took the Birdie out to launch. used an A10-3t , alittle long on the delay. Max.alt estimated to be around 175"-200' . Motor ejected and recovered . Birdie landed 75' from pad. This baby gets up and moves out smartly even surprised me :eek: . Sorry no picture as I was by myself:(
I would rate this kit as a level 1 Clear written instructions, Easy to Build, Fun to fly. No painting required.

Overall rating 4.5

:) :) :) :)
Odd Roc Birdies are a blast!
If you look around at the dollar stores sometimes you can come up with a pack or two of all plastic Gaint Birdies. these are perfect for making a D12 powered "upscale" of the old K-44. Being a good bit heavier I chose to install a rearward ejecting 8" chute but other then that the constuction is about the same. the $1.00 3 pack had one each red, blue and yellow Gaint birdies.. I chose the yellow..then got a funny thought... Gee this is gonna be a Big Bird....Yellow...humm I think it needs a beak and some eyes...:D:D Fly's Great WAY up there...What do ya think?
For all thise who have asked you can view the birdie by clicking on our web page link below. There you can see both colors as well as the parts and parts list. Time permitting Im going to also post the instructions.

Thanks again for making our first venture a success.

Originally posted by johnnwwa
I did make one minor addition to the kite.

Hey... this forum is for rockets!


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(allow me: :kill: )

Kite Hummmmm?:D
Maybe we should use a kite to loft our birdie's & rockets to a few 100 feet and electrictly fire our rockets from aloft ah..... nah would never work.:D