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Jan 17, 2009
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I am interested in the low cost, Astrovision digital camera rocket from Estes. I realize this is an entry level set up and therefore limited in it's capabilities. My main concern is that the software is apparently not compatible with the Vista operating system. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Is there any sort of work around? Is there any hope that Estes will update their software, or is this just a non-starter for Vista based computers?:confused:
I have not tried the software yet have one on order from fleabay . I would imagine that you dont have to use the included software for your astrovision . Most likely will show up as a removable hard drive or a camera device once drivers install. then you could just use windows movie maker to import it . I could be totally wrong there since I havnt used it ayt all yet . For about the same price as the astro vision you could pick up a wireless camera system on fleabay . If you have a laoptop or some sort of portable recording device that would work rather well.
Without the software, windows does NOT recognize the camera. I run XP and 2000 so I can't help with Vista problems.
I was successful in running the software in Vista, by using the compatibility feature and running as XP.