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Assembled rockets for sale. MADCOW, Aerotech


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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
20161018_153104.jpg 20161018_153116_HDR.jpg 20161018_153128.jpg 20161018_153149.jpg 20161018_153201.jpg 20161018_153211_HDR.jpg 20161018_153222.jpg

For those of you who want to fly cheap and have some extra rockets I'm selling a handful of 29 flyers all in great shape. All the rockets have less than a few flights if any at all. If you are going to ROC @ Lucerne I can get them there to avoid shipping costs.

So here's what I have.

Dynastar Snarky w/ custom paint design - $35 SOLD I actually did a build thread on this/ I have to find the link. https://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?134936-Dynastar-Snarky-build-comments&highlight=snarky

MADCOW Scooter w/ AP retainer - $65 (Never Flown)
MADCOW Batray w/ AP retainer - $65 (Halloween Design) SOLD Thanks Mark! @ Stickershock:)
Aerotech Initiator w/ AP retainer - $75 (3 flights)
Aerotech Cheetah - $40 (3 flights - Stock construction)

Most of you guys on here know my building skills and everything I do is first rate. I don't fly these birds much at all so just throwing them out there.

No Reasonable offers refused

Prices do not include shipping.

Bonus Rocket - Scratch build 2.2 w/ 29mm fade paint job. Buy any two rockets and get the this one free! This rocket "Tequila Sunrise" is SOLD

20161018_204630.jpg 20161018_204641.jpg 20161018_204648.jpg
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Jun 6, 2011
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Dan- Did you use the motor block in the Cheetah? Rod or rail for Snarky? Looks blank unless you hid the lugs
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