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Sep 20, 2003
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Building the 18mm/18mm version. This is proveing to be a challenging model thought it is rated at intermediate/advanced. I guess I've been spoiled on 3FNC.

Hand shaping the fins has be difficult, and I botched the styrene strips detail on the Tiny Tim booster, but was able to fashion new details out of card stock. I'm enjoying building it and am looking forward to trying the "passport" staging technique.

I've tried a new filling technique involving bondo (in the tube) dilluted with acetone for a "paint it on" application similar to Elmers' wood filler. One dissadvantage: heavy chemical odor untill cured anyway.

Will post pics later.
Hey Stewart, I also built an ASP WAC Corporal. Mine is the 24mm/18mm model. I want to see how yours turns out. Mine had a perfect flight on a D12-0/B6-6 if I remember, but suffered some flight damage. The Tiny-Tim booster comes down spinning like a top and snapped a fin off on impact with the hard ground. Just make sure of good fillets on the booster and if it lands in tall grass it should be allright. Make sure your vent holes are not in line with an interstage strut. My nose cone also impacted a main fin and damaged one of my "sculptured" fins. It has all been repaired and just needs some touch-up.:eek: :rolleyes:
I just sculpted the Corporals' fins last night. I think they turned out better than the booster because the facets were eaiser to sand in.
I will probably go with the black & white scheme.
This thread probably belongs in LPR as it is basically commentary rather than a review. What was I thinking?