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The above link is a pdf of a catalog by ASC that sold some unique boost and rocket glider kits back in the mid-1970s. Anyone know what became of them or if the plans for them are posted any where?


I don't remember the company, but it does have several references to George Gassaway and the Xebec is a line of glider by him. There a plan for the Xebec3a on the NAR website Maybe GG will pop in and have something to say.
ASC was a very small company created by Andy Katz when he was in high school. He lived in Nashville, TN.

The company debuted in 1975. The original kits were sort of poor attempts to copy what CMR did. Indeed one ironic thing is that ASC bought plastic nose cones from CMR, but then ASC used cheap quality body tubes that did not fit the nose cones.

ASC had some 1/2A thru B 13mm mini-engines, 2.25” long. They were simply unlabeled engines bought from Mike Bergenske of AVI, which were labeled as ASC engines. This is why the ASC engines look the same as the original MPC and AVI mini-engines that were produced by the same machines.

For 1976, some of those original ASC kits went away, and a lot of my gliders were used as kits. I got something for the use of my designs, but not very much.

ASC went away sometime in 1977 or so. I do not know where Andy Katz ended up.

Unfortunately, I do not have any plans for those gliders. Or if I do, they are “lost” in a bunch of ancient papers in some random box.

Now, there were variations of the “Xebec” Rocket Glider, since that was an easy way to build and fly a rocket glider for contest flying, because of the simple moving elevator. Although, sometimes they did not boost straight despite the elevator being “flat” for boost. As Bruce Canino pointed out, one of those old plans, Xebec-III-A, is on the NAR website. That one was designed for an A3-2t engine, which Estes used to make. These days a 4 second delay would be sort of long (especially if it did not boost straight)

I stopped using auto-elevator models for R/G, and moved on to using Slide Wings, which boost straighter and more reliably. But when HARA in Huntsville was going for National Champion section in 1988, I did design a “new” Xebec, for that NARAM’s B powered R/G event, which was easy enough for club members to build and fly (we also had a club build session for them). So that is why there is only one computer-drawn plan that I made for any Xebec, I did not have a computer when I was designing the earlier ones in the mid-1970’s.

The link to the overall Xebec-B plan is here:

And the link for the full size templates is here:

I will attach those below too, but take note that the templates might be resized from the upload, so the above link should be used for actual part templates.

For comparison, here is a plan for what I changed to flying, a Slide Wing. Stiletto-B:

And here is a link for tips for B Rocket Glide at NARAM this year, showing examples of a number of designs:

- George Gassaway



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