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Apr 2, 2009
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Here's my latest Saucer. I was going for a look that suggests I made it and launched my self into space in it from the back yard. I weathered it similarly to the Aerodyne (from a 13mm delta saucer), but with no battle damage:D
I made the decals on apple works 6 on Testors paper. Clear for the details, and white paper for the picture of me pressed against the cockpit glass.

Here's a bottom view.
All the raised surfaces are made from extra card stock from the kit, except the engines which are punch outs from Estes centering rings. I usually use plastruct styrene pieces, but I didn't need any fine details, and as Powderburner pointed out on my Aerodyne thread, paper is lighter.
You my friend, are an ARTISTE' :cool: Amazing work. Thank you again for sharing!

You really may my stuff look good. :)

I've been working on a new design, code named "Hex". I have a 13mm version without instructions so far. It goes together much like the Cinco but there are some differences. If anyone wants to give it a try let me know and I will send you a PDF.
<waving my hands furiously>

Oh, Pick me pick me pick me!!!

hehe ;)
I'm glad you guys liked it. I thought the signs were funny. Especially the door. I have in real life screwed up putting in doors. Why would it be any different if I built a space craft in my back yard...
I have the 13mm Hex (PDF) with some very basic instructions on my website.

I recommend at least 65 lb cardstock. Let me know what you think.
I don't know if I can get this to work as an attachment, but here it is, maybe.. :confused:
Thanks for the link Art - save me from looking :) Printing....printing....done! Now where are them scissors?
So Art, you might as well just do it - design the Dodecahedron!
Does anyone else here remember the old computer game "Elite"? And did anyone other than me take one look at the Cinco and think "Thargon"? :D

Art, what is needed now is an octagonal version to depict the Thargoid mothership. :) (Different versions of the game had different colour schemes so you don't have to use lurid pink. Unless you want to. :))

Picture found in Ian Bell's Elite pages.
This is how it looked in "Frontier", the sequel to "Elite", although in that game there were no active Thargoids - only a few inactive ships seen at military research stations.

The original "Elite" used wire-frame graphics, so what you would see when playing that was even less detailed! Here's how it appeared in the ship recognition guide in the original manual.

The Thargoids re-appeared in the third game, "First Encounters". This fan page shows the Thargoid ships from that game.
Te hex looks very cool. I only had a chance to glance at the plans earlier. Is it tottaly symetrical? It dosen't have the smaller bottom like a delta or cinco?

I'm thinking a double canopied suvailance craft......:cool:
That is correct. The top and bottom are the same diameter, but the top is deeper. I have flown several versions, 13mm, 18mm & 24mm. All of them are made from cardstock only. They are very light as a result, reasonable strong and stable in flight.

I am debating on how to sell them, perhaps in a 3 size set or something. I hate to charge alot for 2 sheets of cardstock and shipping is set at $3.85 by the Post Office's minimum Priority Mail rate.

I am open to suggestions.:confused:
Maby throw in a "bonus" of some of you free downlaodable stuff like the cinco. So the buyer gets 3 cool Hex kits and like 3 freebies. The buyer would not even have to go to the store to buy card stock for the freebies. A 6 kit set that will just cost you the extra couple sheets of paper. It could be like the micromaxx super starter kit. From zero to a fleet with one purchase. Then they may decide they want big ones..


Just a thought-Justin
That sounds like a good idea. It could be called The Swarm, The Hive...or something more creative that conveys large numbers of flying thingamajigs.
Nope, that's me on the cinco...

A wise woman once said all true rocket geeks look alike:D

I don't have the full on beard yet though....Work'in on it...