Art Applewhite 38mm Stealth question

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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
I got a Art Applewhite 38mm Stealth from my Secret Santa this year. I'm almost done building it, and I have a quick question:
How high would the Stealth go on a AT F20W? It's the biggest MPR motor I have right now, and I'm looking to possibly burn it in the Stealth.


not very high, I'd be surprised by 500. i've stuffed the CTI I55 mellow into mine, as well as the CTI I180
maybe. Never flew it on one. Plus I only use the "calibrated eye" method of altitude determination on my stealths.
Art took a sabbatical before the holidays so the freebies might be all you can get right now.
I wouldn't suggest flying the 38 on an F. I flew my 38 Stealth on a Loki H144 and probably didn't get much higher the 500'.

Like other said, the priority stealth is perfect for that motor. Any cardboard box of that general size will do. I used a scrap box from work for mine.
I just want to know if it'll break 200 ft?

You planning on launching it in the spacious, interior lobby of a nice hotel? That'd be awesome! Seriously though, we launched one on an F50 two weeks ago at Geoffrey Kerbel's memorial service and it went a couple hundred feet and landed about 100 feet from the pad.
You can cut the top you know. Art had issues with the 38 for a while because people were flying them beyond their intent and as I recall that pissed him off enough he stopped selling the 38’s for a while. J’s and what nots were being flown.