ARS Parachutes coming soon!

Discussion in 'Vendor Display' started by rockets, Jan 4, 2019.

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    After working on the designs, sewing the prototypes, and putting these into some extreme tests, I happy to report that our parachutes are almost ready for release!
    We're releasing 2 different kinds of parachutes
    ARS Extreme parachute series
    Made from Heavy duty rip stop nylon, sewed with Kevlar shroud lines, and extra reinforced, these chutes are great for heavy rockets, and big rockets, being used as a drogue. These chutes can take up to around 200 pounds of force, and are very fireproof, thanks to the Kevlar shroud lines and the heavy duty rip stop nylon.
    These chutes come in the color red, and the sizes are TBA
    ARS Ultra light parachute series
    Made from ultra light rip stop nylon, and sewn with Kevlar shroud lines, these are compact, fireproof and strong
    These chutes are great for those rockets that have plastic parachutes, but keep getting burnt, and so this is a great upgrade! These chutes can sometimes be packed SMALLER than plastic parachutes, and can take up to 100 pounds of force!!
    These chutes come in the color orange, and the sizes are TBA
    Both series of parachutes are simple, hexagon shaped.
    These chutes will be extremely durable, and yet so affordable!!
    Be expecting a release of these chutes some time in the next 6 weeks!


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