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Jan 26, 2009
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Little Elm, TX
Happy New Year!

I'm a little late on that but that's biz I guess!
Check out our free shipping promo and other specials here:

I'd like to welcome two new Blue Tube dealers. One to the north of us, Sigma Rockets up in Canada, check 'em out eh?

Also, I'd like to welcome to the Southern US, Ozark Mountain Scientific, a new company and Blue Tube dealer! No website as of yet but their contact information can be located at

I want to personally thank the many customers and dealers for nothing short of an amazing year last year!

Thank you so much for your patronage!


Randy @ ARR
[email protected]

P.S. Fun part: I finally got to fly a rocket at our local launch!! Geez!! I'm so busy vending I never get a chance anymore. So, I had built my own 4" Blue Phenix kit and stuffed it with a K700 last Saturday. It flew to 5,635', recovered perfectly and stuck the landing 300 yds from the pad. My personal photos page has a liftoff photo and a link to the HD YouTube video here. I want to fly it next time w/ the Loki 54/2800 baby "L" motor. :) I need to do this more!

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