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Jan 17, 2009
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Just wanted to share a great big AttaBoy! to Randy Ejma and Always Ready Rocketry.

During his last free-shipping-weekend, I put in an order for a bunch of Blue Tube 2.0 for use by the NASA-Student Launch Initiative team that I sponsor. As part of our contract with the Marshall Space Flight Center, we have to build and fly a scale model of our SLI project, and we have a deadline of Jan 20 to do it.

As you might have seen, the manufacturer had some delays getting the BT 2.0 out to Randy, and when it looked as if we weren't going to have enough time get everything built and flown before the deadline, Randy arranged to next-day ship us the needed parts and have the tubes drop shipped by the manufacturer so we could begin building the rocket when the kids returned to school after the winter break... at his expense.

Now, that's service!

We're putting the fillets on today, and finishing up everything so that the rocket will indeed fly on Saturday or Sunday (we're dodging some showers in the forecast)... and will show a post-flight pix or two.

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Yes, I got my Blue Tube 7.5" the other day. I also ordered during the free shipping promotion.