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Jan 26, 2009
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Little Elm, TX
Mark your calendars rocketeers!

ARR is once again turning off the Paypal shipping module starting at 11:59 pm Friday, January 15th to Sunday night at 11:59 pm!

ARR has a huge supply of Blue Tube v 2.0 even the new 7.5" as well, and plenty of stock in:

- Aerotech 29,38 and 54mm high power
- Aerotech 29mm Hobby line
- Rouse Tech rocket motor hardware
- LOC kits
- AWM classic 54mm reloads

I'll pick up the HAZMAT fee as well but make it worth my while! In other words, if you order a single high power motor, no.. Common sense applies here peeps! HAZMAT fees are up to 25 bucks now! We all know it's unecessary and a rip off, but it's the law of the land. So work with me here and we'll get ya yer goodies!


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Sounds great Randy. I will get an order ready.
Excellent timing! Been wanting to try Blue Tube - no better time than this weekend! Payday tomorrow plus I get my off-hours beeper stipend (aka Play Money) :)
I'll be happy to take that money too! LOL! Lots of places here in Tampa to spend a bunch of singles..

Funny story.. A customer at a launch bought some motors and asked if it was ok if he paid with singles. I was like, ok why not, it spends right?

Well he handed me a huge roll of stripper money. Well two rolls actually of nothing but singles, wrapped with a rubber band, moist and damp from the cardiovascular sweating of a person workin the brass pole the night before.

I got to thinkin.. The problem here is that a man doesn't come HOME with rolls of singles, he GOES with a roll of singles, and comes home empty handed.

So, it's either a few things:
1. That's the money HE earned at Chippendales the night before EWW YUK!
2. That's the money his girl earned dancing the night before.

and the unlikely possibility:
3. He wasn't happy with the entertainment and decided to save his money for rocket motors. (NOT!)

(This guy is a buddy of mine, so I reserve the right to pick on him). LOL