ARR Celebrates 1yr anniversary with free shipping!


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Jan 26, 2009
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Little Elm, TX
On 3/13/10 ARR will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary for the release of Blue Tube to the rocketry community! ARR is very proud of the significant improvement to Blue Tube v2.0 as well as the exciting projects people have been building with this product! (See projects page).

As a way to show appreciation ARR has extended inventory purchase incentives to all authorized Blue Tube dealers ( and ARR will be having a “free shipping weekend” on it’s entire web store starting midnight on Friday, March 12th thru Sunday at midnight!

If ordering HPR, use common sense when ordering please. Make it worth my while to pay the $25 HAZMAT tag, ok? That's all I ask.

Also a noteworthy launch: Robert Synoski, prefect of Tripoli Tampa flew his 2.6 inch 4.5 lb inch Blue Tube to 47g’s and 547mph on an Aerotech J1299 Warp-9 motor. The 0.45 second burn coasted his rocket to 5500 feet where it was recovered without a scratch. Next up, the J1999 to almost 80g’s in March! No liftoff photo available (are you surprised)?

Thank you so much for your patronage this past year and I wish all fliers and vendors a prosperous year as well!


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