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Jan 18, 2009
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Has anyone used a Newton's 3rd's screw arming switch? I was looking for something to use on my Wildman Jr. and saw one on eBay for $5 including shipping but have never used one and want to make sure it will be OK since I'm flying next month.
I've used them and haven't had any problems. Although I've heard of some people that did, but it could be because they used to much force.
I have used them on 20 flights or so with no major problems.
Most flights used two, one for each alt.
Largest motor used a 5g K.
I used one on my LittleDog and it was a tight fit.
If I were to build that one again I would go with twist and tuck or twist and tape.
Thanks for the replies, looks like I'm going to be using the twist and tuck method for this one since it is a 2.25" tube. Now that I know I know they work well I'm sure I will find something I can put the switch in.