Arizona Rocket Gathering Feb. 26-28

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Jan 20, 2009
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ARG 7 is this weekend. A huge flying field--"O" capable--no trees and I will personally guarantee no snow. Probably in the low 70's. Bring sunscreen--perfect t-shirt weather. Launch site in Rainbow Vallly--25 miles south-west of Phoenix. See here
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No, only Sunday's EX day is TRA only, on Fri and Sat any certified flier can launch. No night launch :( . Hopefully the weather will cooperate and give good launch conditions.
Hey All,

Just wondering what happened on the last day of ARG7 (Sunday - 02/28/2010). Any pictures? What got launched?

Tried making it out there again, but only got as far as before the river wash area and had to turn around, due to the lack of 4WD capabilities. Didn't want to be a stat on the AZ Stupid Drivers report by getting stuck in the mud/running water.:(:(:(

Did the HillyBilly guys end up launching Gila Monster?
Sat was a blast though, nice weather during the day. Very cute little pirates running around. Will be posting up some pictures later.
On Saturday night they got 0.5>0.75” of rain and it was a bit damp at the site. It is sandy there so no lakes were there in the AM. We had pulled all the launch and PA equipment so there was no damage to our stuff. Nearly all the EZ ups were blown away.
The water in the wash went down fairly quickly and the cars were making it across before 10.
The cloud cover was very low, estimated about 1500’ by looking at the mountains, until 2:00. With the arrival of bluer skies we launched 5 rockets in the K to N range. The Gila Monster was not launched but the “Sweet P”, the upper stage for the GM stack, was launched as single stage on an M.
The plan is to launch the Gila Monster two stage, the 16” Diablo (built by Ron Z but now under contract of a different team) on an O, another 16” rocket on an O sparky (See website home page) and assorted M’s and N’s that did not launch at a AHPRA monthly or MAYBE at the SSS Spring Blast launch IF they have a research day.

We will make some announcement of when they are to go.

Hi All,

Thanks for the update, glad I didn't miss too much out of the 2nd day.
Here are some pictures from Day 1 of ARG7. It was a lot of fun!
Rest of the pictures are located here.





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