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Feb 17, 2004
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I just got a new Physics of flight Arian 5 and upon opening the Box a German Manual fell out (DAS IST NICHT GUTEN FOR ME KANTEN READEN GERMAN).

Has anyone got a PDF or anything resembling a English manual for this Kit I have E-Mailed Physics of Flight at waiting for a reply.

Oh the manual is made by DAS MODELL.

Hinz Woodenburger
Hi Woody

Ive had a quick dig round the net with no luck. Looking at your kit 1st hand there does seem to be a few question marks over what should go where so hopefully someone else here will have translated or built the Ariane 5 by Das Modell.......

Anyone ?

Well, if you *really* wanted to know them, you could type them out into an online translator, although you could be there a while.

Problem with online translators is they're literal and won't look at any grammar thats used. Most will simply, look at each word on its own then change it into English/German without taking it in context. Trust me, I tried using online translators as an easy way to write a French essay, lets just say my grade was quite low and my lunch break quite short! :D

You might be able to get the general drift of what the instructions say but don't expect them to be accurate.

Might be worth popping over the German equivalent of TRF and see if there's anything there.
Thanks for the reply Lads.

I know how to build a rocket (I’ve watched Paul get it wrong so many times now). The only thing it’s got a muffler eject system (I think my German is lousy) I’ve never used one and the Diagrams are useless.

So true Woody,

After that RTF set and the E2X Fireflash youre clued up loads more than me ! By the way how IS the Fireflash Woody ? :rolleyes:

I think although we may get their eventually with the translations of words , contextually or not , Im not sure itll solve all of our problems. There seems to be some gaps between whats in diagrams and what parts we have.

One of the key things seems to be that songey stuff. We presume it sits between the motor mount and the chute and is retained in place by a ring. There is no paper wadding required , just the spongey stuff...... we think.

Has anyone seen a wadding type system like that before ?

I have the Ariane rocket from Das Modell also not the Ariane V

I haven't opened mine yet...maybe I should!


Would be handy if you could have a nosey. Weve got a bag of what looks like prawn crackers , or spongey foam here and a load of parts that have words on them a mile long and look like they came from a real V2.

Ive seen a few examples of how to eject the nose from a roket , pistons and so on but this seems to be a variation on the Wadding Paper. Are we right , is there like a foamy type wadding system out there ?

Yer bad! You used an online translator for your French homework!? LOL....:p I bet your teacher wasnt too pleased with *THAT* little stunt!:D :p
Well, I opened my Ariane kit...gues what...?

The only German is on the outside of the box!

not much in the way of instructions...just a blow-up diagram.

The first page is the "count down" page copied from an Estes kit! Go figure!

I only have 1 (yes one!) page of instructions and that is for the motor mount. the other page is the blow-up...that's it!!!:confused:

Good thing I can scratch build!

There is a "booklet" but it's sealed inside a plastic bag...THAT is in German!

LoL These kits sound dodgy :eek:

Our spanish teacher actually *encouraged* us to use online translators to do work! Then she was fired :rolleyes:...
Dust Bin=Trash Can

Dear Mr Sandman,

Im writing to complain about the poor quality of your Queens English to Yankeedoodledandee English dictionary. I have so far failed to convince any of the Gentlemen in the vacinity that the "Leu" is a toilet or that a "Brelly" is an Umbrella.

Total Popycock !!

Incidentally we would like to insist that henceforth all areas adjacent to a road (highway?) is in fact a pavement and that sidewalk should be abolished and we also demand that other horrific disfigurements of the language be corrected!

Its a Cheque you write , not a Check , cars have tyres not tires and for GOD's SAKE .... bung some "u"'s back into words where they belong .. eg Colour , Honour..... that "u" key is on the keyboard for a reason you know !

However , no matter which side of the pond you are on , we all agree its "ROCKET" :D

Yours Most Jokingly

What the hell is a Leu??!? :confused:

And surely you mean 'Brolly' not Brelly!
Sorry guys...proper "English" was never on the shedule (schedule) when I went to grammar shool (school!)


"The biggest difference betwen Britain and the United States is that we a seperated by a common language." Not sure who said that...Sounds like something either Winston Churchill or Mark Twain would have said.

I asked my teacher today if I could study American instead of Spanish or French as a foreign langauge! :p She said no :(
In the words of Homer Simpson, "English...phhssst...why do I need to learn English...I'm never going to England."

LoL! What would we do without the simpsons...

Did anyone see that episode when they came over here? Funny as hell :D
AAAAhhhhh NNNoooo!

Leave the U's out!

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Cant - stand - the - U - in Color! Always stalls me when I read something written by leftys.

You know, I once owned a Dodge. It was a Dodgey piece of chhrrrapp.
Originally posted by WiK
and what about Gray and Grey! Spell it properly!

Gray is the color of aluminum; grey is the color of aluminium. ;) :D
We digress

This foam stuff in Woodys kit hes so desperate to figure it out ....... what does it do , and where does he put it ?!

Originally posted by kenobi65
Gray is the color of aluminum; grey is the color of aluminium. ;) :D

Is that AL-U-MIN-EE-UM or AL-OOM-IN-UM? :D :D
The "foam stuff" is supposed to be recovery wadding.

Throw it away...into the dust bin. hehe

I'll throw mine in the garbage can!

Now just to let you know, the Arian 5 is built (well needs painting, oh and it’s a scratch model the instructions are useless). Anyway the wool stuff is a baffle (like an exhaust allowing hot gasses thru and stopping the crud) so no need for wadding.

I knew that all those years spent as a trained engineer would finally come to good use.

I’ll post a pic b4 painting.
if he keeps saying that enough we will actually start to beleive him !!

Well , I think the pics in the Inzestruktionzemanuel were pretty self explanatory up to a point so Im sure its turned out pretty well !

Bring on the photos !!