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Argo D-4 Javelin

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dave carver

....what hump?
Jan 18, 2009
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looking for a Argo D-4 Javelin. FSI made a 1/10th scale version.

If I could find one of those or a clone I'd be much obloged:)
looking for a Argo D-4 Javelin. FSI made a 1/10th scale version.

If I could find one of those or a clone I'd be much obloged:)

Check with Semroc. They're developing a 1/10 scale line, AND they have expressed a desire to reproduce the FSI line. You might be able to get the parts from them to clone it.
Wow, heard back from them already!!! I think the chances are good I MIGHT get the first 1 to come down the line!:eek:

I'll be saving out a big chunk of cash for it just in case, I've wanted the FSI version for years but a Semroc kit would do;)
I'll sell you one. Not really. Both of these have made full up 3 stage flights. The smaller one several times.

javelin 008.jpg
Thats just waaay too cool! I've been gathering parts for a long time for a 1/4th scale version that uses 7 of the cases I own. 3" Kosdon with a AMW Blue Babboon L1800 I think it is with 2 G64 and 2 H180 Aerotech, 2nd stage with a J800 and the 3rd with a J350. 2 dual event timers and a single event one for motor ignition and parachute deployment. At just over 17 feet tall it sims to just under 10,000 feet. Probibly to be flown at Black Rock next fall at the September launch

I have a 15' steel rail I'll be flying it off of, should be quite a sight:cyclops:
That should be quite a flight. The large one in the picture is 1/4 scale. 5.6 " tubing on the bottom stage and 4" on the top two. The smaller one is about 1/7.5. I keep my motor choices very conservative which is why both of them look like that after having been flown. The large one I last flew at one of the last Danville, Il. launches, have to check how long ago that was. I flew it on an AT. J-570 to an AT. I-357 to an AT. H-180. As I said very conservative with the motor combo. Even with that the third stage ignition was invisible on the ground due to the height. Didn't see the third stage until the parachute deployed.
I use built in home made timers for all stages with dual channels for deployment and single channels for ignition. This provides a measure of safety if I keep the motor selection correct. As an example in the above combination if the second stage would not ignite for any reason, the rocket would still be headed up for the third stage ignition which would occur on time and the rocket would still recover normally.
The smaller Javelin is normally flown with an H or I to an H or G to an E or F motor. This keeps the altitude where I can see them and once again provides a safety margin if something goes wrong. Nothing ever has yet but with 3 stage rockets its only a matter of time.
...I just double checked my numbers and I was about 5 feet off :p, my 1/4 scale will be more of a semi-scale because I;m using PVC pipe for te tubing except for the top section that I'm rolling from 1/64 birch ply from RC planes using 6" PVC for the first stage and 4" for the next two.

I don't know where I got 17 feet from :p
Bought my first Semroc rocket, the IRIS kit. Quality of the parts is exceptional. No complaints to speak of except for the shroud line attachment placing. The way most instruction have it you end up with crossed shroudlines before you even start and just moving the attachment point of two of the lines corrects this. Well, that's the only mod to the instructions of the build I've made except for mounting the launch lugs on 1/16 balsa standoffs. The way it's designed there's interference with the bands placed on the body tube and the launch rod.

It(the IRIS) just makes me want a Semroc Argo D-4 Javelin kit to come down the pipe as soon as possible:cyclops:

Plus reading up on the rocket I find that it is a 4 stage rocket with the 4th stage enclosed with an aeroshroud! The whole top section splits in half and the 4th stage launches. The information says that it is a Recruit missle. I know about the Recruit motors being used for strap-on boosters but have never seen the rocket. Guess it's off to Wiki :p
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