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Jun 30, 2010
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Yesterday , I glanced at my BigDaddy and noticed a mark on the nosecone that looks like a scratch . Today I took another glance today and noticed a well like thing on the nosecone , under closer inspection it seems to be that the nosecone has melted and still is. I put some used lead pellets in the nosecone as noseweight and coverd it with a glue called ' 151 Clear Glue ' . And since I did that It has been to a launch ect without melting , so why start now?! Heres some pics , please please please help me , as I need this to take to school on wesnesday to show the 'Rocket-Day' kids.
I've thought about sanding the area down , and filling the 'well' with epoxy?
Karl, looks like your glue melted rhe plastic a bit. Some glues eat plastic, better to check it on a small spot next time!
Would the epoxy trick work? I've used this stuff on fillets , and attacting fins to plastic fincans and no problems! :mad: :confused: :(
I think the problem here is that it is in the nosecone, so air can't get to it to fully cure and set. try putting the tip in some cold water and leave it out of the rocket for awhile so air can get in through the aft end of the nose cone. I have an Estes Maverick that did that when I glued the nose weight in with plastic cement. Two days after I built it, I noticed spots in the NC. I pulled it off, and the smell from the plastic cement was still as strong as the day I applied it. I let it sit out of the rocket for a few days, and it seems fine now.


I've never seen anything like it before... in model rockets.

I have melted plastic models before using too much plastic cement.

Originally posted by Karl
Would the epoxy trick work? I've used this stuff on fillets , and attacting fins to plastic fincans and no problems! :mad: :confused: :(

Have you got any filler, like microballoons or chopped glass? Epoxy without filler is hard to sand.

Otherwise, get some p38 car filler or ronseal two part wood filler. They will do the job (don't mix those in to the epoxy though!)
I do have some 12min Epoxy and some Fibreglass Tissue that could be chopped into the fibre? Also some Ronseal Woodfiller ( Not 2 part ) .
When I was talking about epoxy filler, I meant the fine stuff you mix in for doing stuff like fillets. In my experience 12 min epoxy is almost impossible to sand! Mixing in home cut fibreglass will bulk up the epoxy, but not really make it much easier to sand.

I haven't tried the "one part" ronseal, so I can't really recommend that either!