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Jun 2, 2011
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People always say how embarassing parents are but I've never really found my Mum too bad...untill tonight!

It was the school Prom and being the unorgainised person I am I didn't arrange any stylish transport to get there, most people went in posh cars or hired Limo's etc. So convinced my mum to give a lift (thank you Mum!) and drop me round the corner! As we got closer to the venue there were two Limo's in front of us and a very nice Bentley behind...and there we are in a 10-year-old Vauxhall Corsa with an England flag attached to the aerial! Can't really blame my Mum for that though and she was nice enough to give me lift. But the rest...

Once we'd arrived everyone stood outside talking for a while and some parents took the opportunity to take photos. Now having let my mum take photos in the garden earlier she seemed quite content when I refused to let her follow me. So I'm off talking/complimenting girls when all of sudden "Mike, look this way", I turn round and there she is with a camera taking photos of me with girls and all sorts of people.

When the prom had finished I found myself back in the Corsa and going home. Going through all the traffic lights I start seeing other people in their cars and naturally waved. Then this mini-bus full of my classmates goes past and my Mum starts waving to all these people she doesn't even know!

Parents, can't live with them, can't live without them.
No acctually :(

I'd have got some decent transport if i did! :D
hehe... my prom for some middle school thing just passed...

my mom came 20 minutes early, and of course, the youth of america believes that grinding is dancing (when we all know moshpits are the only acceptable form) and these kids are being rather naughty when my mom was next to them...

i spent the whole time outside.