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Jan 20, 2009
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Dear gentlemen,

has anyone had any experience with the Accel Techtronic ARB-3D altimeter?

I'm considering buying an accelerometer-based alt and was evaluating the G-Wiz MC, the ARB-3D and the Ozark ARTS. Iposses enough infos on both the MC and the ARTS (thanks to a thread by Daveyfire) but still anything about the ARB-3D.

Currently the top of the list is the MC but I'd like to put some other (proven) unit to the test.

Thanks for your time,
yes, I bought the ARB-3D direct from the US. It arrived in less than a week and I didn't have to pay import duty because the value was 'adjusted'.

It seemed to me to have a better spec than the others at a better price. The only flight I used it on was to deploy the main chute at 300ft. The drogue was deployed at apogee by the motor. As I am still flying BP motors I'm a bit short of thrust but I can say that the main chute deployed exactly as it should have.

There was another flight but the rocket did a parabolic curve with a power dive into the ground. I made the mistake of mounting the 9v battery aft of the altimeter and it came forward and wiped a couple of components off the board.

When I get round to it I'll send off for replacements and repair it.

All in all I would say, yes, it's good.