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Jan 4, 2009
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Well I was kinda worried, with Thrustline Aerospace going out of business, that I'd never get an opportunity to get an Arapahoe-E.

So I contact John (Thrustline) and he stated that our own Sandman had the decals and such. So I sent Gordy an e-mail, and what do you know? Not only did Gordon have the decals, but the nose & tail cones too, plus the fin templates. Yeehaw!

So I placed an order for those, and a Der Grosser Vati decal. And, no joke, a day and a half later, I've got the package sitting on my front door step. So awesome!

So now I've got the decals and stuff to clone my own Arapahoe-E. I'm pumped!

Thanks Sandman for outstanding service and products!
I've got an extra Big Daddy... I've been kicking around the idea of a Grosse Vati.
I'm pondering if I should put the Arapahoe E decals on my web site.

I have them available with a fin pattern for $7 a set.

Also the remaining parts needed from SEMROC;

17" BT-60 body tube (half of a 34" length)
BC-1648 (4.8" long) or
BC-1650 (5.0" long I think it looks better)
BTC-16V-2 tailcone (it's already drilled out for a 24mm motor tube).
Well Gordy, I'm sure you've weighed the pros and cons of offering this.

In the distinct absence of Thurstline I'd say go for it. I know when I called him and got him back on TRF again he had a lot of high hopes. I also recall him stating that he was putting it all up for sale, and hasn't been back to check on any offers or provided any updates.

I know this might be a touchy situation, but did he have any copyrights or trademarks?

It'd be a crying shame to let the Arapahoe disappear, but with Thrustline down for the count and not responding I'm not sure what the deal would be.
Everybody around here in CT has been wondering about Thrustline ourselves. Nobody has heard anything since the announcement about November 1st, 2009.
Well, I put it up on my web site. It's on the front Home page so it's easy to find.

If John wants me to take it off I will.