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Jan 14, 2009
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The Leading Edge Rocketry "Alien" kit comes with self adhesive wraps to be used in lieu of paint.

In his review at Edward suggests removing a strip of the backing and then putting the tube and trimmed edge of the wrap onto a table top to aid in aligning.

Has anyone tried this technique with the Alien kit? If so, any suggestions on removing that strip of material from the backing?

Thanks in advance!
I have not built this rocket but, I have a lot of experience with vinyl graphics.

I read the review and I am not sure exactly what he is describing. If the vinyl wrap is cut to exact size then you could peel back the backing and cut off a 1/4" or so. You will then have a short vinyl flap. Stand the body tube on a flat surface and align the vinyl to the edge. That little flap of vinyl will become the hinge when it is stuck on the body tube. Your now ready to peel away the rest of the backing and begin applying the vinyl. I have attached some photos of what I am explaining.

I would also go to you tube and search for "applying vinyl graphics" and there are several videos demonstrating the various methods of applying vinyl.





As a Sign Painter and Long time sign & graphics man, I fully agree Putting on Adhesive backed Wraps is akin to applying Vinyl lettering and graphics;)

Use of a wetting agent and squeegee will produce precisely aligned, parmanently attached wraps.

I've used this technique with every kind of adhesive backed material i've run across with 100% fine outcomes, It's even been done on unpainted Estes style body tubes without harm to either the tubes or wraps.

Start by wiping down the entire finished model with a tac-rag to remove any and all dust and debris.

Remove the backing from the adhesive backed wrap, laying it adhesive side up on the clean table surface. mist spray a complete coating of wetting agent on the entire wrap and the premarked portion of the surface the wrap is to be applied. carefully attach the wrap to the starting alignment line and letting the weight of the wrap lay the vinyl completely around the body. If for some reason the ends don't align, simple lift the wrap, reposition and try again. Once happy with the alignment use the squeegee to work from the center of the wrap out to the edges, all the way around the tube. this removes as much of the wetting agent liquid as possible and removes just about any bubbles that may appear. If you come to a spot the doesn't look right, before squeegeeing re-lift and re-align as needed. this usually isn't necessary. Once the entire wrap has been squeegee'ed into place. set the model aside for at least an hour or two. After this time re-squeegee the entire wrap to complete the adheasion process.

Heres a pic of the wetting agent I and most sign people have been using for many years. You can buy Vinyl application liquids but why when a couple drops of dishwashing liquid in a pint of water work just as well;)
Hope this helps.
This one of those pesky little issues that I run across every now and then, but not often enough to remember to ask about on the forum. I have wondered how a person was supposed to get these wraps and graphics on straight when given only one chance to get it right. Now I know. Great advice! Thanks!

Use of a wetting agent and squeegee will produce precisely aligned, parmanently attached wraps.

Man, I wished I'd read this yesterday. :p My daughter put letters she'd cut from Monokote trim on her rocket. It turned out well in the end but it would have been a lot easier with a little extra time to position it.

Lisa makes a mental note for next time...