Apollo Little Joe II - flight #5

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Jan 18, 2009
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Central Viginia - USA
Thought I would post this picture from the Rockets Magazine folks (Neil and Bob of MDRA) ...they visited our VAST launch "August Rush" two weeks ago : and they got many nice shots.

This was my fifth flight on the Apollo Little "big" Joe - II project from the scratch built forum last year...and the first succesful flight with airstarts.


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Awesome picture! Congrats on a successful flight with air starts too! :D
Thanks...it was fun.
A central H-123W with three outboard D12's.

Now that I figured out the right central motor to trigger the "g" switch in the GWiz, I think I'll go for more motors in the outboards next time...
Here is the Little Joe and the nice scenary at VAST

Well...looks like I won't be flying here again..not anytime soon.
This is really strange...the VAST folks have permission from the landowner, club insurance, FAA waivers, etc.

Yet a couple of people living outside the 400 + acres can effectively tell (thru their BZA) a landowner what he can and can't do with his own property.


If model rocketry is not a use allowed in an agricultural district, then I ask, what land use district IS it allowed?
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