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Very cool rocket!

The air-scoop on the bottom of the model is just one thing that makes this rocket kit unusual. No other rocket kit has one like this.And it actually helps stabilize the rocket; you'll find that it flies straight as an arrow on every single launch.

Hmmmm...I don't know about that.

See inlet scoop...Panther :D
hmmm... quest tomahawk has a scoop too ... oh, it's not open in back.

Shrox, Snarky rules!! I'm getting one. Orion is another favorite of mine - that was one of the first scratch-builts I made when I restarted this wonderful hobby.
The Snarky's scoop runs the entire length of the body, and has a fin inside.

Sliverad, I have a design that looks just about like the Panther there, except I called mine MiGX.

All Right!

I've been waiting for that one to become available. Another cool Shrox design.

Hmmmm....Father's Day is coming up...as if I needed an excuse to buy it.

The *only* thing that's lacking in the marketing of this kit is a rocketeer holding the rocket. (<a href="https://www.aerotechrocketry.com/customersite/products/brian_rockets.jpg">example</a>)When a person poses next to a rocket the perspective on size vs. kit cost changes dramatically. Otherwise, it looks like one very sweet kit.
Here ya go. Tim and Allison for scale.

(edit: I fixed the her name spelling)


Originally posted by shrox
Here ya go. Tim and Ashley for scale.


That's Allison...

She's already loving rockets, and has been helping me package up the kits.
Originally posted by shrox
Here ya go. Tim and Allison for scale.

(edit: I fixed the her name spelling)


Yep...very nice picture. Thanks for posting that. The inflated chute in the upper right corner is a very nice touch. Come to think of it I know I've seen this before. Oh man...that payloader on the left is calling my name!...again!