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Oh sure, let me just move that big pile of unused money out of the way...

...oh sorry, that was just my imagination!

I haven't built one yet but it's a personal goal of mine once I've put away enough $$ for it. Reading about it is what got me back into rocketry, actually. At the time I couldn't afford HPR and didn't realize there was an "in-between". Always figured it was either Estes or big bucks.

(Yes, you kids out there, even us grown-ups often have to live with an "allowance"! I had more discretionary cash when I was in my twenties...)
yeah, i'm with you - it's a bit pricey for a bunch of tubes and rings. i figure that's why i haven't read too much about it on these pages. but, having said that, i'll probably get one one of these days! :)
Have you been to EMRR yet (www.rocketreviews.com)? That's the place to go for kit reviews. There's a couple of good writeups about both Apogee Saturns that'll make you drool. Besides being big, the detail and fit of parts is supposed to be outstanding.

For now, the Estes Saturn V's are still out there on EBay...

I received an Apogee Saturn 1B as an Xmas gift and an Apogee Saturn V in July for my bday! I haven't built either as I wanted to re-hone (sp?) my building skills before attempting these kits. They are impressive! Chilly is right, the scale, detail, and quality are excellent. Now I just need someone to kit a similar quality 1/70th scale Russian N1 rocket!
Chilly - yup, I've read those reviews. The guy liked it so much he didn't want to launch it! Can't blame him - I'd like to have one sitting in the corner to look at too!

rkt... two unbuilt beauties and you want an N1 too?! Give 'em to me, I'll make 'em!! :) Seriously though, please post your comments on the two Saturn's when you've had a chance to build and fly them. And pictures too!

Originally posted by rkt2k1
Now I just need someone to kit a similar quality 1/70th scale Russian N1 rocket!

A 1/70 N-1 sounds like a great scratch-build project!

The interstage struts would be a bear, but at least you don't have fifty-thousand stringers to duplicate.

Vince "Apogee 1B on the workbench, myself" P.
here is my scratch built 1:100th N1. Flys great on 29mm motors

Jim, I am quite surprised you didn't cluster your N1!! 32 motors is too much for even you?

(nice N1 rocket by the way!)
Haven't seen the N-1 before... I'll have to ask Andy if he still has it around next time I see him. Lately, we've had perfect weather out here for those high-flying models. He put up a nice one this a couple weekends ago on an M-motor that the club pitched in and bought him on the spot. That sucker ROARED!

Terry McCreary did a detailed review on the Apogee Saturn V a year or two ago.

It can be found via a Google search on rec.models.rockets in seven parts. He's a good writer (and a super nice guy) so it should be entertaining as well as informative. It started out as a comment on the body wraps, then people asked him to do elaborate on the rest of the kit, giving rise to parts 2 through 7.

I could post links, but the Google links are super long and his review is in seven parts. Just search for:

"Random Thoughts on the Apogee Saturn Five"
Terry McCreary

I just emailed him to see if he still has his original reviews on file. If he does, I'll post them to the reviews section.

I talked with the P'rfesser and have now completed posting of the entire set of review/play-by-play construction articles on the Apogee's Saturn Five. It is located in the Reviews section.


I forgot about them being on EMRR. Oh well, it's not a total waste of time. It's better to have them in a couple of places just in case something happens to one of the websites. I wish Ninfinger's and JimZ's sites were mirrored somewhere as well.