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Oct 26, 2011
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Just ordered a new 38mm rocket from them. Cant thank them enough!!! They answered my questions I asked when I called them, as well as when I emailed them.

Reasons for my decision as well as what I feel should impact your decisions to buy from them.
1-Knowledge. (priceless)
3-Honesty and Integrity
4-Willingness to please the customer
5-Our sport as a whole.

I didn't shop around and I could have probably gotten the same materials for a few dollars less, but looking at it, Id rather give those few dollars to a vendor that not only appreciates it but supports my hobby. I'm all for them making money and that's business, I get it, and im way OK with it.

I ordered a component that was not compatible with my kit, (my fault) They rectified it and credited my account with out me even asking, and when I did email them saying pretty much, can you check to make sure ( I didn't think the credit was correct and thought that they were screwing themselves ) and within 5 minutes I had a phone call, and an email response with details that again, proved myself wrong. (see the pattern here) I hope my stellar pattern doesn't carry over into my building.

I slept very well last night knowing I can turn to these guys for my future needs with ZERO hesitation, and in today's day and age, this is an awesome thing.

Thank you Apogee,


Tom Derosier
Yep, they may not be the least expensive choice on all items, but they have superb Customer Service/Customer Care and to me, that's worth a few extra pennies these days. :clap:
Always great customer service and fast shipping..

Apogee is a class act all the way. A few years ago my family and I were on vacation in the area and stopped in unannounced, just to take a look around. They took us in and gave us the grand tour. I even got to have my picture taken behind the bench where Tim does his excellent videos. Extremely nice people and a pleasure to do business with.
Apogee is a class act. I am lucky I live only about 45 minutes away, and I am there twice a month. They couldn't be nicer or more accommodating. I poke my head in Tim's office all the time to ask questions or to show off goofy designs of mine. The really nice part is no shipping or HAZMAT fees. :)

For once I seem to live in the right place for something. Apogee and Estes are very close. In the short 9 months I have been back in the hobby, I have met and had great conversations with John Boren, Tim Van Milligan and Bdale Garbee (Altus Metrum).
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Any news on the 18 mm composite motors Quest is doing in conjunction with Aerotech?