Apogee E6's and F10's are back!

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Mar 23, 2011
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Attention competition and altitude junkies- Apogee has the long burn E6 (7.2 sec burn time) and F10 (7.8 sec burn time) motors in stock! The other 24, 18, and 13mm motors aren't there, though...only the F10 and E6. I gotta get an F10 for my Big Bertha! D'ya think 7 could lift a LOC Ultimate????
7 F10s... Thatd be something. Bet they could. That would be a lot of money, though! I suppose you must have a job, thogh, so you might be able to cough up $100.:rolleyes: I cant wait to get a few myself.... I have a 24MM minimum diameter IQSY Tomahawk I would be willing to loose...........
7x F10s will lift a ~4.5 lb rocket... Initial thrust is just over 30 N, then it quickly tails off to 10 N in the first 1.5 secs. Get em all to light and it just might work! Or you could try 4x F10s and 3x G80Ts or something :D

That would be an awesome flight! The pics would be cool too, absolutely no flame!
Sometime I may do it...it would be cool. I don't know if I'd throw in G80's, though because the force of even one G80 will probably have it moving at a faster clip than all the F10's would have after 1.5 seconds, making it pointless to have them in there. But then again, they keep going for another 6.3 seconds so after the force of the G80(s) wore off they'd still have some effect. If I get the money it may happen. Maybe I'll put an Ellis G35 in the middle and F10's surrounding. I'd need some beefy igniters!