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Sold Apogee 6500 - Nike Hercules Plan Set


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Jan 17, 2009
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This is not a kit. It is a plan set from Apogee Components. It I plan for an impressive looking rocket that seems to be even more impressive in the implementation. The booster stage is a quad 13mm mount and the upper stage has a 24mm mount. I have no idea what the booster recovery is supposed to be since I have never opened the plan pack. I can only assume that it is not meant for tumble recovery. The upper stage comes down under a parachute

I am asking $5

It wouldn't seem to make sense to spend a great deal on postage. I would recommend getting it by first class mail. I will send it first class for $1.50. If you want it by Priority Mail Envelope, I can figure that. Best of all, you could buy some of my other kits and I can tuck it in the box!



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