AP 2 stage rocket (AKA the noname rocket)

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Jan 17, 2009
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OK this is the one planned build I have/had for the winter seeing as my kitty cat zapped my hobby budget for a few months when he went to the vet in december and ended up having to go in for surgery for a stone in his bladder not cheap but worth it.I have had this in the planning stages in my head for quite awhile now and have already picked up a perfectflight MT3G to use with it.I plan on building a BT-80 based two staged rocket mainly to use on AP motors its going to have two 24mm motor mounts one in the booster and one in the sustainer although I might put in a 29mm in the booster.I would like to make the sustainer 29mm also but since I am planning on putting the timer back in between the fins with a small e-bay built around the motor mount I do not think that a 29mm mount will fit due to the 9 volt battery not fitting into it, although since right now I don't have a 29mm motor mount tube and centering rings I can't say for sure but I don't think it will fit.I want to keep the timer near the rear so I don't have to run wires down from an e-bay/payload section at the top of the rocket just mainly to keep the lengths of wire needed to a minimum.I have a rough rocksim file attached it couyld probably be cleaned up a bit but I am mainly looking to see if 24mm AP motors will be capable of lifting this in a two stage setup the sims show that it can but I am not really that good with it yet to go by it alone.I am planning on using all BMS parts for it.

View attachment BT-80 AP 2 stagefinal.rkt
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More thought has gone into building this recently and I am getting ready to order some fins from BMS.Since the size of them will not fit on balsa or basswood I am gonna go with 3 ply birch.My question is do you think that 1/16th inch fins are to thin?The options open for 3 ply birch are 1/32 1/16 or 1/8, 1/8 seems like it might be a bit heavy but 1/16 seems like it might be a bit thin any opinions would help in the choice, I am leaning towards 1/16 though.