anyone try this camera for OBV?

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Jan 20, 2009
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Car Video Recorder (USA System) Digital Camera


Record the real-time road conditions for the vehicle owners
Save the video on SD card inside as evidence
Provide the actual on-site video record for the law-enforcement officers
Memory type: SD/MMC card
Repeat storage by section (50 minutes for each section)
Supplied by 3 AAA batteries or DC 12V vehicle power adapter
Support AVI video format
Video size: 320x240 QVGA
Support TV out function

Product Specifications:

Function Imaging Sensor Type CMOS
Video Compression AVI Video Format
Image Resoltion 320x240
Video Output NTSC/PAL
View Angle 60 degree
Camera Distance Infinite
Voice Recording No
Internal Memory No
SD/MMC Card Support 128MB~2GB
Video Recording Mode Repeated and Continuous recording, every 50 minutes per video clip
Video File Size 5~8MB per minute
Consumption Current 70~90mA
Operating Temperature 0°C~65°C
Power Adapter Type DC +12V
Battery Type 3xAAA Batteries
Consumption Current 70~90mA/Adapter; 110~130mA/Battery
Battery Recording Time Up to 5 hours
Size Dimensions 104mm x 48mm x 20mm
Weight 55grams ±(1~4g)
*No further notice will be given for any modification of the technical specification

Package Include Quanity
Car Video Recorder (USA System) Digital Camera x 1
AV-Out link x 1
Manual x 1
Screw Cap x 1
Camera Mount x 1
12V Power Link x 1



That looks very interesting. I'm sure the battery compartment would have to be modified to provide continuous current under high g-forces.
please post some home-made clips (youtube?) if you can - i'm curious what quality video you can get. I've experimented with a few different 'cheap ebay' finds like that in the past, all disappointing so far- but i hope you get better results than i did.
I haven’t bought one, I was just curious as to weather anyone else has tried it yet. As for modding the battery box a bit of aluminum foil folded up into a small square and wedged in there works pretty well.