anyone read Handbook to Model Rocketry 7th Ed.

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(oh, you wanted specific comments? what about it?)
I am interested on if the book providing you with lots of information for the sake of being informative, or provided you with lots of information that has/will help you enjoy rocketry more in the future. Information is great, especially when you get more enjoyment out of it. Thanks.
i read it recently...
good book, very informative, lots of rules of thumb for design/recovery concerns.

you can find all the info elsewhere (on the web), but it's nice to have a hardcopy to refer to.

definitely worth a read!
ah - in that case it will suit you just fine. overall I'd give HMR 2 thumbs up - it's a must have for every rocketeer. it's an entertaining read and a great reference book too.

7th edition is only slightly updated from 6th edition. biggest changes are in MPR coverage and payloads (electronics).
I read "THE" handbook in preparation for mentoring teams for the TARC competition. Even if you have a lot of experience and think you know it all (and I don't) it is a great book. Every rocket enthusiast should own a copy!