Anyone know where I can find the Estes Bailout (2070) paratrooper guy?

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Tramper Al

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Dec 31, 2013
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I am putting together the Estes paratrooper rocket collection, and unlike the two later Freefall rockets, the earlier Bailout kit did not come with the paratrooper figure included (though you do get his harness and parachute). He is, however, depicted in the catalogs of the time (1992-1998). I have read (somewhere?) that a 3 3/4" figure is correct and that a GI Joe toy was commonly used. But in the 1992 era I can't find any GI Joe who looks at all like the Bailout guy in the catalogs. Any ideas? Or was the catalog guy just an Estes mock-up who never really existed?

Sorry, can't get the catalog picture into the thread here.

Below is a link to the 1992 catalog pdf. The Bailout rocket and guy are on page 3.

Bailout guy.jpg
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I have that bail-out model pretty much trashed in a box...can't find the guy. Good to know which one it is. Looking at that catalog has me remembering my Hercules rocket, I remember fondly building that one an losing it on a windy day. I love the payloaders.