Anyone heard or ordered from them?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I was browsing the Pro38 website and noticed there was a vendor in Wichita, just a few hours away from me. This would make things ultra-convenient as far as motors. I was wondering is anyone has any feeback about them.

but have never ordered anything from them... There is only one person there who handles the rocketry end of the business...

Kent Burnett is the Prefect for Kloudbusters out in Argonia, KS as well as the contact for Giant Leap Rocketry (they are in LA and KS)

Kent has been extremely helpful in answering the questions that I had for him... he certainly knows his stuff....

Here is the contact info:

Kent can be reached at kentlb at
that GLR is based out of Baton Rouge, LA. Kent lives just outside of Wichita and acts as an outside sales rep - he carries, stocks and sells the GLR line of products. (if you place an order through their web site the product is actually shipped from Kent)

He is quite willing to help in any way he can...I have been very impressed...

I bought some engines from somebody (I don't remember his name) at a Kloudbusters launch representing the Science Education Center in Wichita. The man was very nice and helpful. I would do business with them again.

Just my .02 worth.

You all are talking about "MY" hobby shop, "My" Prefect and "MY" club.

All are top notch.
How much can I buy a hobby shop and a prefect for? That would really simplify the cert. process for me! LOL :)

Have you ever flown with KloudBusters? I see you are a Kansan. (Go Hawks)
.... I am Sean Connery on the INSIDE but a bald chubby guy on the outside...

Oh wait - my REAL problem is that I have been too busy with my club kids to launch any of my (few) rockets...

I have not launched one of my own since last summer.... our club students have launched 143 in the same time.... only when I was at NARCON last weekend and on the field without 50 or so students did I realize how much *I* enjoy the sport aside from the educational aspect.... It is so amazing to see men, women, kids, dogs - everyone on the field - all looking to the sky....

I really want to get down to Argonia for the next launch.... I have heard that your club is one of the best around... hopefully you have room for another person...

:) matt c
If you are ever in the Wichita area, I highly recommend the Science Education Center. Mark the owner is very freindly, and likes the rockets. He has an employee who is great and has flown just about everything, including the "clothes" line. Mark is a NAR member as well, and has signed on both my Level 1, and Level 2 certifications. I also bought my motors from him at LDRS. Under my LDRS photos on my web page I have a photo of his sales tent. Even though I am in Oklahoma City I try to stop in to Marks shop every chance I get! I also recommend flying with the Kloud Busters group in Argonia it is a great site, and a great bunch of guys.
Happy Flying!