anyone have tips for using CF?

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May 2, 2009
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carbon fiber...
i just got 27 ft^2 of nondirectional CF cloth to play with. I'm thinking of making some tubes with the help of the old food saver.

with the nondirectional nature of the CF cloth do i need to use it in a multi-layered composite, or can i just use the CF by itself with good results?

i also got a few pieces of nomex honeycomb that i'm going to make fins with.


1. don't breathe the cf dust..use a suitable and adequate dust mask
2. make sure you use a thin epoxy finsihing resin for proper wet out.... such as Ez-Lam or West Systems ..

you can increase the viscosity(the thiness) by warming each epoxy component separately in a hot water bath at 120F.....and then mix..... this will significantlt reduce the cure times....
3. I would use a squeegee and roller to impregnate the cloth with the resin... propoer wet out is very don't want resin dry spots.....
more is better than less because then you can use breather/bleeder to soak off excess resin during cure.....or after wetout blot with paper towels...

I assume you know the basics of peel ply, release film etc....
3. don't sand into the cf cloth itself once cured..
We usually use it between the middle of the layup (7 layers into a 15 layer layup) for edge and fastner area strength (aircraft parts). If we do multi layer cf, we change direction each layer (45*/0-180*/opposite 45*). I'm not sure if you'd want to use the cf alone with just resin but, that doesn't mean it can't be done.
How about a list of pre rolled tubing vendors? I know about public missiles, and performance rocketry. How about some others? Most of what I find on the web, is for small industrial use. Usually less than an inch in diameter.

Edit: I guess I should say pre rolled carbon or other composite tuibing.:D

Performance Rocketry is probably the #1 s maker and supplier of fiberglass and carbon fiber tubes for rocketry. Anything from 29mm through 16.5" in diameter. Also has nose cones and fin can units.

Curtis is a good dude. Met him at LDRS last summer at Argonia. Check out You can put together a rocket from his parts that is nearly indestructible.

HTH, --Lance.

i looked at the Performance site...
oh man!
i want summa dat!
only 17 bux a foot...